Insight Qigong


Insight Qigongs eight movements, coordinated breathing and focused intention can teach you about the functions of the organs within the body, and give you some simple yet profound tools that will allow you to tap into your naturally occurring healing abilities.

This practice can help balance the body as a whole or can be broken up into individual postures for common physical problems; like anxiety, insomnia, back pain, colds, etc.

Insight Qigong is highly adaptable to any physical condition and can even be done seated.


Insight Qigong™ Online Immersion Program

Inner Radiance Qigong

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Inner Radiance Qigong is a set of eight movements that incorporate the medical, martial and spiritual elements of Qigong and is designed to balance and harmonize your whole system.

The gentle circular patterns effectively release tension from the spine, joints, and nervous system.  Like a moving meditation it strengthens your awareness of, and connection to, your own virtues.

It is accessible to anyone at any stage of life because its movements are adjustable for all body types, for those with injuries or who need to sit.

Moving Words


Movement, Meditation and Expression, it's that simple.

When we are relaxed and as stress free as possible, our ability to live creatively, inspired and curious, grows immensely.

There is solid science behind the realization that our ability to release stress significantly increases our health and allows our brains to access more information.

Qigong movements have information encoded within them that allows us to clear stress, on a cellular level from our bodies.

As we engage the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest), we are open to new ideas, flashes of inspiration, messages from "out there".

This class is focused on developing and growing the abilities of relaxation and listening, for inspiration.

Here's what we'll do:

Qigong - Easy movements to get the body relaxed and the blood flowing.  Blood flow to the brain means more creative juice!

Meditation - We will use Zen koan's, the I-Ching, and the Tao Te Ching, along with other inspirational texts, to ground our efforts and seed our imaginations.

Writing - We can use what is revealed in our meditations as a jumping off point for the timed, free writing session.

Afterward, there will be time to share and offer supportive feedback to each other.

We'll be using the Amherst Writers and Artists method, whose philosophy is simply: “Every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment in which to experiment."

Evening Qigong


Collect yourself from the day’s journey, bringing all your pieces back together.  We will practice different styles and variations of qigong, building our library of movements upon the foundation of safe and correct technique.  This class is less than an hour and is appropriate for all levels of experience.  We will work on the same routine all month in order to build muscle memory and depth of understanding, starting a new set each month.

Qigong Demystified


Qigong is becoming a more noticed health practice, and there are many styles to practice. But what is Qi? How does the cultivation of energy really happen? If you enjoy Qigong, Tai Chi, or just like to learn about really amazing and empowering possibilities, this class is for you. Not only will you learn the Insight Qigong set, a health practice of nine postures, but you will also explore the core principles of Qigong, learn to feel the Qi around you and within you, understand basic traditional Chinese Medicine for personal application and so much more. There will be time for personal reflection through journaling and lots of handouts to support your personal practice.

Course Outline For Qigong Demystified

Qigong for Injuries


Qigong can help you heal from injuries of all kinds.

This class is tailored to those who need to go slowly, mostly sit and have limited movement range.

You will be encouraged to work within your own personal limits, so that your system can work without strain to heal, or keep you from feeling worse, while you get some exercise.

You will find relief and revitalization through breathwork, visualization and relaxed movement.

CreativiQi - An Interactive Presentation

Harvesting the Imagination

What is the imagination and how can it be a source of healing and personal growth?  Our ability to tell stories and express ourselves creatively is part of the human legacy.  This ability is powerful and science can now quantify it.  Learn how sensory information is stored in the brain and body and how Qigong and Chinese Medicine formulates this knowledge into a beneficial health practice.  Qigong and a creative state have similar effects within the body.  This event will include a slide presentation, movement and prompted creative journaling.