Mission Statement

Turtle Moon Qigong aims to inspire people to keep moving, and find empowerment by exploring their own energy.  With a deep respect for all artistic mediums, TMQ seeks to blend the wisdom and balance of qigong with the artistic process, deepening the creative experience.  

Meet Sara

After dealing with years of chronic pain and then sustaining an injury that western medicine could do little to help, Sara looked for a way to exercise that would not cause her further pain.  She began practicing Inner Radiance Qigong and its effects on her life were so significant it inspired her to learn more about Chinese medicine.  She was introduced to Medical Qigong treatments and began a deeper healing that resulted in her training to become a Medical Qigong Practitioner and certified Qigong Instructor.


Insight Qigong Instructor - 2022  (Red Thread Institute)

Medical Qigong Practitioner - 2018  (Red Thread Institute)

Inner Radiance Qigong Instructor - 2018  (Linda Burquez)

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