Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong takes the knowledge of the bodies energetic pathways, the interconnections between the bodies internal organs with the rest of their physical and spiritual system, and applies this ancient knowledge to the treatment of illness and disease.  It uses the concepts of Yin and Yang to work toward a balance for each individual.

My medical Qigong treatments use various techniques such as energetic projection, energetic massage, sound therapy, invisible needling, various meditations and movements, as well as diet to assist patients in finding balance for optimal health.

Each session is 75 minutes long and includes and intake, table treatment, and prescription exercises.

During the table sessions the patient will remain clothed and will lay in a relaxed state as the practitioner works.


Here are a couple of referrals.  Visit my Facebook page for more reviews.

“After my session with Sara I felt lighter and happier.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was really relaxing and non-invasive.  I can’t wait to book another session!” –Nicki Orser

“I found the medical qigong work effective and enjoyable.  It was relaxing and energizing. I look forward to further sessions.”

-Tom Seegar